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handle leaks, FLOODS and water intrusions internally

water damage COSTS higher education:

  • An average of $89,000 per incident
  • Deductibles of $50,000 - $100,000
  • Contractor delays cause secondary damage, such as mold growth

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partner with legend brands:

  • SAVE  40% or more on water damage costs
  • Reoccupy affected spaces TWICE AS FAST
  • Mitigate further damage to structures from standing water and mold

Why legend brands?


Legend Brands has been your American partner for over 50 years, earning our place as a world leader of commercial dehumidifiers, flood extractors, air movers and air scrubbers. We are the only company to offer:

  • Free assessments
  • Online and in-person training
  • Personalized equipment packages
  • Ongoing support

Ready 2 respond in action

as a facility manager you're no stranger to urgent calls

When Randy, the Assistant Director of Operations at a major university received the call that their iconic stadium had flooded two days before game day, he didn't panic. Because of their partnership with Legend Brands, his team was able to return the space to occupancy with time to spare! That means there was no need to call a contractor, pay expensive insurance deductibles or shut down a revenue-earning part of the stadium for game day. Randy now has options when faced with water damage. Now that's what we call a touchdown!

  • Protect the people you serve
  • Regain full control of your facility
  • Be a good steward of your school's resources

The end goal


Sometimes it's best to call a water damage restoration company, but the first few hours after a water intrusion determines the amount of damage. By being immediately Ready 2 Respond facilities save 40% or more and are able to reoccupy spaces twice as fast.

  • Prevent damage such as mold
  • Save structural materials like wood and drywall
  • Help control the water from spreading

Legend brands. your american partner AGAinst water damage.

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